Compartir – A Costa Brava Must Try

Cadaqués, a town on the Costa Brava, is located about 2 hours away from the beautiful Catalonian city of Barcelona. Its charming houses with red-tiled roofs and gorgeous views of the Mediterranean make it a must visit for anyone who loves the coast.


Compartir, a lovely restaurant very close to the water, not only charms with its looks and wonderful staff, but the food there makes you want to come back over and over again. The Spanish verb “Compartir” means “to share,” which perfectly sums up this place. All food is served in a very sharable manner and it is typical to get 6-8 different plates. Here are some of my favorite dishes from this incredible restaurant.

The Best in the Tunaverse!



This might have been the greatest tuna tartare I have ever had. It was served with crunchy bread and a light sauce around it. The tuna was pre-cut into little rings so it was easy to put it on the bread. When put into the mouth, all you can taste is the freshness of the sushi-grade tuna filling your mouth and activating all of your senses. I especially loved the presentation of the tuna. I had never really seen it served in a log before. Usually when I get tartare, it is served in small chunks, but I am so happy that it was served like this because I was able to taste its flavor more. This dish was so delicious that our group ordered a second!


Holy Mackerel!

IMG_2869 2.jpg


The second dish we ordered was mackerel fish with avocado, mini pickles, capers and liquid olives. I loved everything about this dish. The mackerel was raw and had such an incredible flavor to it that I loved so much. The tiny pieces weren’t too overwhelming and when dipped in the sauce surrounding it, the mackerel tasted delightful. The creaminess of the avocado paired very nicely with the flavor of the mackerel and sauce. Everything tasted amazing, but the coolest things on this plate were the liquid olives. I simply adore olives so much and this took olives to a new level. You had to scoop the olives onto your spoon so they wouldn’t break, but once they go into your mouth, there is  literally an explosion inside. The taste is very strong and even I couldn’t handle it, but it was such a cool concept and it paired perfectly with the rest of the dish.



IMG_2870 2.jpg


If you are a fan of eggs and heavy food, this dish is for you! I loved this dish beyond words and it is a must try if you visit this restaurant. In the middle is a poached egg that pours out delicious yellow yolk when you poke it with a fork. Surrounding the egg is a foamy, creamy and cheesy sauce that tastes so amazing with the egg yolk. There are also mushrooms in between the areas of sauce. I honestly didn’t think that this dish could get any better, but as my spoon hit the bottom of the bowl I felt something: Ibérico ham! It was a perfect addition to this already perfect dish. All of the flavors combine and make your mouth so happy. However, don’t think about ordering a second bowl. Don’t be fooled: this dish looks and tastes like you could eat it forever, but it is extremely filling. I recommend only getting one or even splitting one with a friend.


I hope that this post has given you an idea of what this amazing restaurant is like and encourages you to visit the next time you are in Costa Brava!


Click Here for the Restaurant’s website

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